The National Program of acceleration of Startups (start-up Brazil) is among the 11 winners of the prize sponsored by the National School of public administration (Enap). The National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) is one of the institutions that manage the start-up Program Brazil, which competed with other initiatives in the Innovation Contest 102 on Federal Public Management. The final ranking and the highlight will be disclosed in sustainability awards ceremony, scheduled for March 2016.


The 20th Edition of the contest aimed to encourage innovative initiatives in public management, as well as disseminate inspirational solutions and recognize the team spirit in the public policy and private actions.

To evaluate the initiatives, the ENAP took into account, among other criteria, the introduction of innovation in relation to previous practices, proven positive results regarding the contribution to the resolution of the problem or situation the demand of audience or citizens ' rights and the degree of sustainability in the implementation of the actions and results of the initiative.

The best winning experiences will be included with international technical visits, which will aim to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences with foreign Governments.

The program

The program Start Up Brazil is a federal government initiative, created by the MCTI, CNPq partnership as one of the executors and acceleration to support technology-based Springs companies (startups). The Association for Promotion of the excellence of the Brazilian Software (Softex) is the operating Manager of the program.

The start-up Brazil is part of the strategic programme for Software and services (TI), inserted into one of the actions of the national strategy for science, technology and innovation (Encti).

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