Resolution No. 3.870 of July 1,2009

Establishes the General Regiment of Stricto Sensu Graduate Programs offered by UFPA.


Program’s Regiment

Rules of the Academic Masters and Doctorate Programs of the PPGCC.


Guidelines for Dissertation Defense


PPGCC Resolution 02/2007 – March 19, 2007

Defines the criteria for student publications of the PPGCC Masters.


PPGCC Resolution 01/2015 – August 1, 2015

Defines the criteria for publications of Doctorate students in the PPGCC. 


PPGCC Resolution 01/2011 –March 25, 2011

Establishes criteria for granting and maintaining scholarships in the Master Course in Computer Science, of interest to the student body of the PPGCC.


Resolution No. 02/2015 – PPGCC

Establishes criteria to perform functions as an Active Collaborator of the PPGCC.


Resolution No. 01/2013 – PPGCC

Establishes new criteria for the entry and permanence of professors in the faculty of the PPGCC.