Area of Concentration:  Computer Systems

This Area of Concentration addresses two Research Lines: Communication Networks and Computational Intelligence. The first focuses on the study of methods, techniques and tools for research and development in communication and digital transmission networks. In Communication Networks problems are investigated ranging from the engineering of data transmission through physical channels (wireless and optical, for example), contemplating aspects of design and management. The second line addresses the development of intelligent systems applied to various domains such as organizations, the environment, education and games.


Research Line:

Communication Networks

It aims to develop and explore advanced scientific and technological methodologies for the design, maintenance, development, safety and performance evaluation of digital communication and transmission networks. The research in this line deals with topics related to protocols, applications, services, distributed systems, traditional internet and internet of the future, new network architectures, software defined networks, multimedia, mobility, wireless networks, ubiquitous and pervasive systems.


Research Line:

Computational Intelligence

The objectives related to this field include the study and evaluation of applied techniques to solve both theoretical and applied problems that can be modeled as constraint satisfaction and optimization problems. Research questions in this line include: intelligent systems inspired by nature; probabilistic and optimization methods; evolutionary computation; cloudy systems; Artificial neural networks; and tools for diagnosis and decision support.


Area of Concentration: Information Systems

This Area of Concentration is divided into two Research Lines. The first one aims to investigate the various methods for intelligent data retrieval, treatment and analysis (text, image, voice and video), as well as to propose solutions for the organization and use of the information produced. The second Research Line in this area involves improving the quality of software development processes and methodologies.


Research Line:

Information Management

This Research Line focuses on the study of methodologies used to generate information from diverse data and make it available and accessible. Technologies that promote the construction of scientific, technological and social knowledge will be applied. Specifically, the following are considered: pattern recognition; natural language processing; digital signal processing (image, voice and video); data mining; acquisition, representation and exploitation of knowledge.


Research Line

Software Engineering

This research line has as its main commitment the investigation of solutions that are immediately applied in the local and national software industry. Thus, problems are dealt with: traditional and agile development processes; software process quality improvement models; project management; product and process metrics; requirements engineering; testing and quality assurance; and case studies.